9 Observations From 9 Years

I’ve been with Edelman for 9 years as of today. Much has changed in business, technology and culture both good and bad. Here are a few:

  1. There’s a thing called “Big Tech”. The once scrappy challengers now call the shots and we play by their rules.

2. We’re madly in love with our phones. For some of us, it’s a love hate relationship. We need them more than they need us.

3. Influencers used to create conversation, now they create culture.

4. Our children’s brains are being Re-wired by tech. The science is emerging but we don’t know what it means yet.

5. The world order feels like a question mark. We’re too distracted to even focus on what the new answer might be.

6. We’ve reached peak convenience. It’s so easy to get something on demand today, that it’s expected. Including a date, a ride, a meal — well, everything.

7. We’ve never been so connected and disconnected at the same time. Historians will reflect on this phenomenon in the future and dissect its impact on society.

8. The next cyber space is becoming space itself. As our world becomes artificial, the celestial frontier offers unexplained wonder.

9. Millennials have grown up, becoming parents, bosses and putting their mark on the world. They are the new adults.

There’s more. I only had 9…

CMO, strategist, thinker and doer. I write about human behaviors and the relationship we have with technology and brands

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