A Pandemic of Decency

I do miss how united we were.

How in that moment, we felt bound together under a single identity. People from rural areas didn’t think twice about coming to the aid of their urban cousins even though the lifestyles between the two could not be any…

Social Audio, Tokens, and Subscriptions Lead The Way

Centuries ago, humanity endured a pandemic which makes today’s current events pale in comparison. The bubonic plague wiped out half of Europe’s population highlighted the inequities of the time — those who had the means fled population centers for the countryside. In…

On an evening in March (you know, the night), I knew something had changed significantly but, like many others, couldn’t see past the fog of shock. At the time, I was watching in real-time as the NBA canceled games, the government canceled flights, and Tom Hanks canceled our collective Covid…

David Armano

Marketer, strategist, thinker and doer. I write about human behaviors and the relationship we have with technology and brands

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