Intelligent Automation: Today’s Killer App

David Armano
2 min readFeb 3, 2023

Human-Machine Collaboration Wanted

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Lost in the gold rush of Generative A.I. is a much bigger truth that will impact how influential and disruptive this new era of human-computer collaboration will be. IBM recently announced the company’s mantra for 2023, consisting of three choice words: “Eliminate, Simplify, Automate.” Behind these seemingly non-human-centered words is a very human sentiment — namely, focusing on IBM’s significant people power on work that moves the needle for the business vs. busy work. IBM’s CHRO, Nickle LaMorreaux, states, “We’ll first look to help remove areas of work that don’t drive growth or add value to the business. Next, processes that can be streamlined will be saving valuable time. And then comes automation.” This sentiment perfectly captures this new era of technology, where A.I. is poised to integrate further into existing tech platforms simultaneously while new ones are created.

The Intelligent Tech Stack

Without giving specific details, Microsoft has already announced that it plans on integrating ChatGPT in its Bing, Azure, and Office business lines — signaling an evolution of the enterprise technology stack, supercharged with artificial intelligence. Enter the intelligent tech stack full of the promise and potential peril of automating anything. But it’s not just legacy systems or tech companies fueling the Generative A.I. arms race — new ecosystems are beginning to form. Noah Brier, the co-founder of Variance, a customer data software company, has also created a curation of A.I.-powered tools focused on the brand space. BrXndscape is positioned as “A landscape of the world’s best companies at the intersection of brands and A.I.”

BrXndscape functions as an all-things A.I. app store for people looking to boost their productivity and creativity across categories such as image generation, text-to-speech, logo design, presentation generation, and much more. In addition to what Microsoft is doing with ChatGPT and Google’s scramble to launch conversational search — a new ecosystem of applications built on readily available A.I.-fueled APIs is rapidly emerging. Of course, tech consolidation is inevitable, as we’ve seen during the Web2.0 era — but even a consolidated intelligent tech stack is poised to transform business and work. A popular slogan in tech: “there’s an app for that” — is rapidly changing to “there’s an A.I. for that”…

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