Things are going to settle down into some kind of groove that sets the stage for the next decade if not century — but it’s not going to be the year 2021.

That doesn’t mean 2021 will be “bad” (avoid binary thinking) in fact it’s going to be very good for several sectors and industries that have already been benefitting from the acceleration of digital behaviors and focus on home life (most of the big tech companies). Zoom has had an incredible year, Peloton is a household name, super markets have never seen so much business and shelf stable brands that were considered irrelevant less than a year ago are still flying off the shelves.

But don’t expect normal in 2021

There’s also been professional displacement. Migration is happening as Miami becomes the new New York and Austin becomes the new Silicon Valley.

Our teens are both adapting and struggling. They’ll come out of this more resilient and Gen Z and Gen X will share a special bond in growing up with self sufficiency — TiKTok is the new television.

2021 won’t belong to the small business owner unless you’re in the right small business.

No normal is OK. Growth and discomfort go hand in hand. Sometimes one isn’t possible without the other.

Here’s to a new year, even if it’s not normal.

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